Download Instagram photos

Save any pictures from the social network in high quality.

What is Insta downloader

Instagram was initially a social network for posting photos. And, despite the appeared opportunity to share videos, pictures still take a big part of the content.

Millions of photos have been uploaded on Instagram for more than 10 years. And users continue to add them every day. Funny memes, inspiring beautiful pictures, interesting and unusual images — there sure was something you wanted to save from Instagram.

Sometimes you need to get pictures from your own profile. For example, when you’d changed default settings, and photos from posts didn't automatically save to your phone gallery. Or you may need to save photos from your profile if you deleted a folder with your IG images, but now need the pics.

You can’t download Instagram photos from the app or the website if they’ve been published. It is impossible to get the pics both from your or someone else’s profiles.

You can make screenshots and cut them to save photos from Instagram. You can also install apps and browser extensions. But the most easy and safe way to download pictures from IG is to use our online service.

Download Instagram photos you like

We created a tool in which you can download Insta pictures of any type. You can save posts, Stories, and profile pictures. All these pictures can be saved from your page or someone else’s.

Bear in mind, you can download Instagram photos only from public profiles. Even if you want to get pictures from your own page, it should be public. You can change the settings for the time you download Insta pics, and then make the page private again.

Photos are downloaded in JPG. It is considered to be optimal for pictures with a big variety of colors. You get photos that save all their shades and vividness, but they don’t take much memory on your device.

The service allows you to download pictures in full size and high quality. Width of the images are always 1080 pixels. If you want to download a square photo, its height will be 1080 pixels. Height of rectangle photos is calculated proportionally to their width.

There won’t be any additional icons. No watermarks, signs, symbols. You get the original photo, exactly the one you see on Instagram.

There are no limits for the number of photos you download. Save as many pictures as you need from different profiles.

How to save Insta photos online

All you need to download Instagram photos is to enter a link or username in the field at the top of the page.

You can use:

  • Username.
  • Profile link.
  • Image link.
  • Shortcode.

When you enter a username or profile link, you see all the profile’s content. When you enter a pic link, you get to its page.

Interface in the service is similar to Instagram’s. So you can easily find what you need. You can open and scroll the content like you do in the social network.

You can download Instagram photos both from your phone, PC, or Mac. The downloader works perfectly on any operating system. You can save pictures from Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux.

If you download from a smartphone, you tap and hold a picture until a menu appears. You need to choose a download option. When you download a photo from a computer, you see the button for downloading right after you get to the page.

Users won’t know you download their photos from Instagram. They won’t get any notifications. Downloading also doesn’t affect the number of likes, comments, or views in case of Stories.

More downloader features

You can view profiles anonymously. You don’t need to log in your IG account to get photos. This is especially useful for Stories. Instagrammers see the list of users who viewed their Stories on Instagram. If you view Stories using our online service, you won’t be on the list.

Copy text. You can’t copy text from bio or under publications. When you view a profile from our online service, you can copy text from Instagram.

Service allows you to download Instagram photos from posts, Stories, get a profile photo, but not only that. You can also get a video from a profile page. If you like a video in the feed, Stories, Reels, or IGTV, you can save it just like you save photos. You can put a link to the publication, or enter a username and the video on the profile page. Tap download to save it to your smartphone, Mac, or PC.


Here you can find more information about the service for downloading photos from Instagram and troubleshooting possible difficulties.
What can the Instagram photo downloader do?
The IG app and website don’t have a feature that would let you save photos. This downloader allows you to download Instagram photos from users’ pages. It also allows you to view the photos anonymously.
How to download Instagram photos online?
First, you need to enter someone’s username at the top of the page and tap the Search button. You will see all the user’s photos. Tap and hold an Instagram photo you want to save, then select the download option. If it’s an image carousel, open it and save the photos one by one.
Can I download photos from my phone, PC or MacBook?
You can download Instagram photos using any device. Use your smartphone, PC, MacBook, or laptop.
What browsers to use for downloading?
You can download Instagram photos using any browser. But you should remember that Google Chrome on iPhone has a restriction — you can't download videos. Use any other browser on your iPhone to download a video.
Whose Instagram photos can I save?
You can save photos from your Instagram profile and other people's profiles if they are public.
Do users know when I download their Instagram photos?
Users can’t know that you save their Instagram photos.
What photos can I save?
You can download Instagram photos from posts, Stories, Highlights, and the profile picture.
What are the saved photo parameters?
An Instagram photo is saved at the full size that you see on Instagram. The size of a square photo is 1080 x 1080 pixels. The width of a rectangular photo is 1080 pixels, the height is proportional.
If you can't download an Instagram photo
  • Make sure you have entered a profile's link, shortcode, or username correctly.
  • Make sure the profile you want to download photos from is public.
  • If you have checked both the first and second, but something still does not work: try entering the profile’s link, shortcode, or username again.