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BTS is a pop group from Korea. There are many trophies and titles among its acquirements. The key achievement is receiving the nomination «Artist of the Year» pursuant to the version of prestigious music award Mnet Asian Music Awards.


BTS is a popular Korean band, that consists of RM (, Jin (, Suga (, J-Hope (, Park Jimin (, V ( and Jungkook ( The members of the group are social media influencers united on one account with over 59 million admirers on Instagram. They are the best selling singers in Korea of all time. Celebrity sold over 25 million albums.


The band was created in 2021. Participants were selected at special castings. The first album was released in 2024. The first international tour of The Red Bullet Tour began on October 17, 2014 and ended on August 29, 2015. The singers visited 18 cities in 13 countries during the tour.


Over the years of the group's existence, members have become family to each other. The leader of the band RM is an author and a producer of 162 songs. Jin tries himself in the restaurant business in addition to participating in the band. Suga admit by making photos. His priority is career, not a building relationships. J-hope dances well, he plays a leading role in choreographic performances of BTS. Jimin is a principal singer in the band. V addicted to the cyber industry. Jungkook enjoys drawing in his spare time. All of them didn’t have a relationship, singers explain that they have too busy schedule and there isn’t much time for dates.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most devotees fans create Instagram profiles, where they post photos and videos, insides about BTS. There are tens of thousands of such pages in social networks. Worldwide admirers want to support and to spread band’s creation that more people from different corners of world become interested in BTS in this way. Somebody keep fan accounts so that the idol notices their activity and starts communication. The audience varies in number — from 10 to 300 000 subscribers, from example,

Official instagram

More than 59 million lovers have subscribed to the BTS’s Instagram page. K-pop group constantly indulge fans with bright pictures. Addicts really like the appearance of the idols, leaving likes and comments under publications. Announcements of upcoming concerts, teasers of new albums or singles are often posted. 

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