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Drake is a rapper, singer, advertising face, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, actress, music producer and blogger from Canada. He is an owner of clothing brand «OVO». There are many awards and titles among her achievements. Drake also has a channel on beats 1


Aubrey Drake Graham is a famous singer and producer, who opened his own business. He is a social media influencer with over 102 million followers on Instagram. Celebrity is a winner of Grammy Hip Hop Awards.


Drake began her career as a musician at the age of 21. He released his first album «Thank me later» in 2010. Celebrity began acting in films in 2006. Star decided to open a clothing brand «OVO» in 2018 without stopping working on music industry. The name coincides with the recording studio, opened by him earlier.


The celebrity was born in the family of Dennis Graham, who was a drummer in the team of Jerry Lee Lewis (one of the founders of rock and roll), and Sandra Chef, who worked as an English teacher. No verified sources or interviews have confirmed that Drake has siblings. A star hasn’t created her own family yet. He isn’t married, but celebrity has a son Adonis with former French porn actress Sophie Brussaux (https://instagram.com/sophieknowsbetter). Rumors about the birth of illegitimate children regularly appear in the press.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most dedicated admirers create Instagram accounts, where they post photos and news about the celebrity. There are tens of thousands of such pages in social networks. Suitors want to support and to spread his work so that more people become interested in Drake in this way. Somebody keep fan accounts so that the idol notices their activity and starts communication. The audience varies in number — from 200 to 800 000 subscribers. This one, https://instagram.com/drake, for example, is followed by himself.

Official instagram

More than 102 million followers have subscribed to the star's Instagram account. Addicts admire the appearance of the idol, leaving likes and comments under publications. He constantly publishes photos with his son, makes announcements of concerts and singles.

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