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Emma Watson was born on 15.04.90 in Paris, France. She was the eldest of 2 children in a lawyers’ family. Now she lives alternately in London and New York City.


Actress, fashion model and activist. Her first professional role was Hermione Granger in Harry Potter film series, since then she acted in both blockbusters and independent movies. Now she has been ranking as one of the world’s high-paid actresses (her honorarium for the 2 latest Harry Potter movies was $15 million for each one). The face on Chanel, Burberry, Lancome, People Tree. The youngest member of the board of directors of Kering, the owner of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. A feminist and an activist in the women’s rights movement. She launched the UN Women campaign HeForShe, visited some countries, and public events as a UN Women Goodwill ambassador. An activist for environmental justice and climate change mitigation. Recipient of several awards including MTV Movie Awards, British Fashion Awards. Her net worth is estimated at $85 million.


Emma Watson is still not married.

Brother - Alex Watson (born on 15.12.92), British model:

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Emma Watson’s real Instagram page (61,7m followers, ~300 posts). Mainly the official page publishes posters considering Emma’s activist work and from time to time - her roles in upcoming movies. Recently after a 1-year pause, the page starts to be regularly updated.

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