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Instagram was created by Kevin System and Mike Krieger and first released on 6.10.10. In April 2011 the service was sold to Facebook Inc. for $1 billion. Now it’s a part of Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly - Facebook Inc.).

Development and social influence

A worldwide social network for photo and video sharing. Originally Instagram was an app available only on smartphones. The users could choose from several filters and share only one picture for a post. Further, the app’s updates included a lot of functions like hashtags, geographical tagging, privacy settings, messages, stories, etc. Eventually, it got possible to download both photos and videos in a single post. Recent updates include features like Co-Watching, Reels, etc. In September 2017, the app had 800 million users worldwide. More than once, Instagram has been recognized and awarded as the best mobile app. In 2018 analysts estimated its cost at $100 billion.

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The most-followed Instagram account. It shares curious photos from various other Instagram pages of people who are worth paying attention.

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