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Jennifer Lopez is an actress, a singer, a dancer, a fashion designer, a producer, a businesswoman and a blogger from USA. Download her instagram highlights online right now!


Jennifer Lopez is a famous actress and a singer. She is a social media influencer with over 196 million followers on Instagram. The celebrity dreamed of proving that she was talented in everything, including music, and a star more than succeeded. You can see her in instagram and download post, videos, photos.


Lopez got her first lead role in a biography film about singer Selena in 1997. She made her debut on the music like a singer in 1999 with the album On the 6. The first films with the participation of star could not boast of a serious plot or fame. All of them are associated with the dance talents of the artist. Her first permanent job on television was the show «Bright Colors»


The singer was born in the family of it-manager David Ginorio Lopez ( and housewife Guadalupe Rodriguez. Lopes has two sisters Leslie Lopez ( and Linda Lopez ( She isn’t married now. She has a daughter Emma Meribel Anthony and a son Maximilian David Anthony.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most devoted lovers create a lot of fan-accounts on social networks (, where they present photos and videos, review the information about her life. The star follows this page. Fan pages on Instagram reach 135 000 followers maximum. The development of these profiles help to stay popular and to increase the interest of people. The posts were published in 40 languages. It’s a good sign for Jennifer Lopez. 

Official Instagram 

About 196 million admirers have subscribed to the celebrity’s account in Instagram. Jennifer Lopez usually share studio shots, announces of films and concerts. The posts achieve millions of likes and comments. The videos have tens of millions of views. The figure allows her to pose in bold outfits with a revealing neckline, in a closed Indian sari, tight leggings or shorts in the gym. You can download her instagram posts online and save igtv.

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