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Yandex was founded on 23.09.97 by Arkady Volozh, Arkady Borkovsky and Ilya Segalovich. It was registered in the Netherlands.

Development and social influence

A Russian company providing Internet-related products and services: search and information engines, maps, navigation and transportation, online advertising and e-commerce, mobile applications and so on (totally - more than 80 products). Moreover, Yandex owns the largest cinematic website in Russia - Kinopoisk that was turned by the company into a popular service with movies and TV series. Yandex is used widely in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States as an alternative to Google. It has about 20 million users monthly. In 2013, Yandex became the largest media property in Russia by revenue. Analysts estimated its cost at $14,6 billion.

Official Instagram

It publishes photos and videos dedicated to Yandex’s projects. Here you can also meet some of its employees and get to know their professional stories.

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