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Camila Cabello is a singer, actress, blogger, eco and feminism activist from Cuba. A star firstly drew attention to herself as a member of a pop girl band. Her popularity increased after the decision to start a solo career.


Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is a famed singer and actress, who is dynamic in social activities. Celebrity’s a social media influencer with over 60 million subscribers in Instagram. Camila had first places in the music charts with the single «Havana» and since then has presented many other songs.


Camila Cabello began her career as a singer at the age of 15 in the pop group Fifth Harmony, which led her to try herself. She presented her first solo music record in 2018. A star began acting in films in 2014. The celebrity worked as a host at the ceremony Teen Choice Awards in 2013.


Singer was born in the family of Alejandro Cabello, who owned a small business, and Sinu Estrabao, who worked as an architect. She has a young sister Sofia ( Camila Cabello hasn’t created family yet. She isn’t married.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most loyal lovers create Instagram profiles, where they share a lot of content and news about the star. There are tens of thousands of such pages in social networks. Admirers want to support and to spread creation from Camila Cabello that more people become interested in her in this way. Somebody keep fan accounts so that the idol notices their activity and starts communication. The audience varies in number — from 100 to 150 000 subscribers, for example Celebrity personally subscribed to this profile. Posts are written in more than 30 languages, which shows the scope that the star has captured.

Official instagram

More than 60 million fans have subscribed to the Camila’s Instagram account. Addicts admire the appearance of the star, leaving likes and comments under publications. The content is absolutely diverse — dance videos, funny sketches, professional photo shoots and lifestyle shots. She promotes ideas about the protection of the environment and women with the help of a profile,

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