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The story of the brand begins in 1909, when Etienne Balzan Gabrielle Chanel opened a small shop in her own apartment. Arthur Capel, a member of the men's club of Balzan, came to help in the development. He saw Coco as a promising businesswoman, so a man helped to acquire space in a house on Cambon street in Paris in a year.

Development and social influence

Nike develops, manufactures, and sells premium clothing, jewellery, clocks, glasses, perfumery, care and decorative cosmetics. Its products have high-quality and meet customer expectations.

A small shop in a Coco’s Parisian apartment has turned into a real fashion empire. This scale was a real surprise for the owner:

  • 35 000 employees in 41 countries,
  • revenue of 10,1 billion dollars in 2020,
  • more than 300 contracted shops around the world,
  • the most recognizable brand among luxury segment.

Today Chanel is the world's trusted brand with values. It helps millions of people to be more attractive and more confident. The mission of the Chanel brand is to replace the glamorous, sometimes provocative things with more elegant and casual. Chanel stays at the top of the fashion Olympus because the brand is true to its values ​​and ideas. Today they are preserved in the same form in which they were created by Coco.

Official Instagram

Chanel has more than 49 million Instagram followers around the world. There is a mask in the profile that creates the effect of combining two faces. On its page, Chanel publishes photos and videos of the products, professional shots of models, show announcements and presents thematic collections. Chanel makes consumers feel like they are part of the elite community.

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