Official Chris Brown Instagram account: family, love, photos and videos, fan accounts

Chris Brown is a singer, an actor, a musician, a hip-hop artist and blogger from USA. The main achievement of star is a debut single, which topped the Billboard Hot 100. There are many awards and titles among his attainment. He didn’t get married. Some medias report about two illegitimate children from model Nia and Ammika Harris, there is a lot of confirmations.


Christopher Maurice Brown is a popular singer and an actor, who released nine albums. He is a social media influencer with over 104 million fans on Instagram. Chris Brown is one of the best selling artists of all time. A star sold over 90 million albums and 125 million singles.


Chris Brown began his career as a singer at the age of 16, one year after dropping out of school. Celebrity presented his first album in 2005. He began acting in films in 2006 in «The O.C». The iconic episode of his acting career was the film «Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life», where star played himself.


The celebrity was born in a small village on the outskirts of Virginia in the family of officer Clinton Brown, who worked in a local penal colony. Brown’s partner in childhood and in life was the older sister Litrell. Chris hasn’t created his own family yet. He isn’t married. Star has a daughter and a son. According to unverified reports, he’s again in the relationship with the mother of his son — Ammika Harris.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most devoted followers create lots of Instagram accounts, where they post shots and news about Chris Brown. There are tens of thousands of such pages in social networks. Fans want to support and to spread his work against the background of constant scandals. The key cible is to become people interested in celebrity in this way. Somebody keep fan accounts so that the idol notices their activity and starts communication. The audience varies in number — from 5 to 200 000 lovers. The most famous profile is

Official Instagram

More than 104 million subscribers have taken to the celebrity’s Instagram account. Chris Brown usually publishes announces of new songs, albums and events. Addicts really like the appearance of the idol, leaving likes and comments under publications. Some people are extremely surprised by the frequent photos because of his past.

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