David Beckham official profile Instagram: how to watch and to follow instagram, highlights anonymously download

David Beckham is a footballer and a blogger from England. There are many awards and titles among her achievements. Beckham had second place in the FIFA Player of the Year voting 2 times. He was the highest paid player in the world in 2004.


David Robert Joseph Beckham is a famous footballer. He is a social media influencer with over 71 million followers on Instagram. Celebrity became the first English sportsman who win the football championships of four countries — England, Spain, America and France. Footballer topped the list of the fifty richest footballers in the world with $175 million in 2013. The world star announced that he was ending his football career in the spring of the same year.


David Beckham began his professional career as a footballer with Manchester United, in which he made his debut in 1992 at the age of 17. He moved to Real Madrid, where he played for four seasons, in 2003. Beckham signed with MLS club Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. Beckham played for Italian AC Milan on loan in 2009 and 2010. He retired as a player after one season spent at Paris Saint-Germain.


The celebrity was born in the family of Edward Alan Beckham, who was a kitchen fitter worker, and Sandra Georgina West, who worked as a hair stylist. He has two native sisters — Lynne (https://instagram.com/lynnebeckhambriggs1972) and Johanna (https://instagram.com/jo_jo_beckham_). He is married for Viktoria Adams https://instagram.com/victoriabeckham. They have 4 children.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most dedicated admirers create Instagram accounts, where they post photos and news about the celebrity. There are tens of thousands of such pages in social networks. Suitors want to support and to spread his work so that more people become interested in David Beckham in this way. Somebody keep fan accounts so that the idol notices their activity and starts communication. The audience varies in number — from 5 to 200 000 subscribers. 

Official instagram

More than 71 million followers have subscribed to the star's Instagram account. Addicts admire the appearance of the idol, leaving likes and comments under publications. 

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