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J Balvin is a hip-hop, RnB, reggie singer, a designer of clothes and a blogger from Columbia. He is considered a living legend of Latin American music, tickets for the singer's concert are sold out instantly. Download his instagram videos link right now!


Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin is a famous singer and a businessman, who opened own business. He is a social media influencer with over 51 million followers on Instagram. A celebrity actively conducts concert activities, but you can get to know him as a person by downloading post, videos, photos.


His career began with performances in the clubs in Medellin. The singer won the love of numerous fans thanks to the performance of hits of modern urban music. J Balvin has been releasing albums and songs for several years that are popular only in his homeland. But at the end of 2013, he made a real breakthrough with the track "6 AM", after which his business went up. Only at the age of 27 did the artist release his first album, which included his numerous hits such as «En Lo Oscuro» and «Como un Animal». The first clothing line created in collaboration with the French corporation GEF was released in 2018.


He was born into an average family of Alba Meri Balvin and José Alvaro Osorio ( J Balvin has a sister Carolina Osorio Balvin ( The singer is married to Valentina Ferrer (, an Argentinean model and TV presenter.

Fan-accounts on Instagram

The most devoted lovers create a lot of fan-accounts on social networks (, where they present photos and videos, review the information about his life. Fan pages on Instagram reach 50 000 followers maximum. The development of these profiles help to stay popular and to increase the interest of people. The posts were published in 15 languages. It’s a good sign for J Balvin. 

Official Instagram 

About 51 million admirers have subscribed to the celebrity’s account in Instagram. J Balvin usually share studio shots and announces of concerts. The posts achieve millions of likes and comments. The videos have tens of millions of views. The artist emphasizes the dignity of his face and body with bright outfits.

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