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Madonna was born 16 August 1958 at Bay City, USA. She was third of six children in Christian family. Now she is 63 y.o. Since 2017 living at Lisbon, Portugal.


Her real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. Signer, actress, producer, director and businesswoman. As singer, since 1983, from the very beginning of her career, Madonna took part in writing her own songs. This fact plays a key role in the duration of a musical career. The opinion of the public and critics about her work has changed a lot over time. She released 14 musical albums and sold over300 million records worldwide. The one of commercially successful performer. Recipient of many awards, including 7 Grammy Awards. She had twenty MTV Music Awards. Madonna's net worth is estimated between US $590 million to $800 million.

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Madonna's official page mainly publishes photos from photo shoots of her albums, concerts or public events. Rare to see personal photographs of herself, just as rarely as stories. Apparently, the Madonna's instagram is run by professional managers, which is why there are so few personal photos and any details of her personal life.

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