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NHL was founded 26.11.1917 in Montreal, Canada. It was based on a previous hockey organization named the National Hockey Association (NHA) that had led its history since 1909. The headquarter is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City since 1989, previously in Montreal.

Development and social influence

A professional ice hockey league in North America that is considered to be the premiere one in the world. Only 4 teams played at the NHL originally, all of them were Canadian ones. The League now has 32 teams mainly from the USA (25 teams), and the rest are from Canada. Each season the teams play the league annual playoff champion to win the Stanley Cup. The NHL is rather popular in the North America and takes the 5th place in the world’s wealthiest sport leagues. It also initialed several side projects such as Winter Classic, the NHL network, and so on.

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It publishes photos and videos with announcements and results of the games, the best moments of the matches, the awarding of titles, such as the best player of the match or the entire season and other news. From time to time player interviews, fan art or anything related to life outside the hockey box appear here.

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