Instagram Highlights viewer and downloader

On this website, you can download Insta Highlights or view them anonymously for free.

How to view Highlights anonymously

Enter a link to Highlights in the search box at the top of this page and you’ll get to a page with the photo or video. You can also enter a username or a link to the profile, which content you want to watch. Then you will see the user’s IG page in the Instagram mode, tap Highlights to view them. You don’t have to log in your account to use the Instagram Highlights viewer and downloader. So instagrammers won’t know you view their content.

How to download Highlights from a profile

You open Highlights on this website by entering a link to the content. Tap a download button if it’s a video. Tap and hold if it’s a photo to call a menu, then choose a download option.


Here you can find more information about the service
Can I get photos and videos from other users’ accounts?
Yes, you can save them from any public profile.
Does the Instagram Highlights viewer work from a phone?
Yes, it works from any mobile device, and from computers too.
What browser should I use to save or view photos and videos from IG?
You can use any browser.'But videos are not downloaded in Google Chrome from IPhones, in this case use any other browser.