Download Instagram Story or view anonymously

You can download Instagram Stories or view them anonymously on this website.

What Stories downloader and viewer can do

Stories are disappearing content, you won’t see what you posted more than 24 hours ago. They were made to allow users to add photos and videos quicker and with less effort. Users don’t have to spend a lot of time on editing to make sure the content is good enough to be added to their profiles and fits its general style. Disappearing content also means you need to view it as quickly as possible so that you don't miss it. In a day, the photo or video won’t be there. If you like what you saw very much, you probably want to download Instagram Stories to be able to see them again anytime. In the app, you can download only your own Stories. There is a button with an arrow for downloading in the editing menu. Photos and videos you publish are automatically saved to your phone gallery, if you didn’t change the settings. In the Instagram app, you can repost someone’s Story if they tagged you on it. But, although this photo or video appears in your account, they won’t be downloaded to your phone gallery. Botn the Instagram app and on its website, you can’t download Instagram Stories that are already published on your or another user’s page. Use our online service to save them. It allows you to bypass the IG limits and get photos and videos from any public profile.

How to use online Stories downloader

The downloader saves Stories from Instagram with everything you add in the photo or video. Text, stickers, links, images, effects, and music will be downloaded. Stories that are saved to Highlights can also be downloaded with the service. When your Stories disappear from the profile page, they get to the Archive. To get them from there, you need to post them again first. If you don’t want users to see a Story from your Archive, set the Close Friends list. Add one user on it, it may be your another account. Choose this list when publishing the Story. Or, you can hide Stories from a particular list of users. Add all your followers on it before you publish the content. You can download Insta Story both from your phone or a computer. Your operating system doesn't matter. The downloader works on IPhones and smartphones on Android. If you are used to working from a computer, you can also use the downloader. Stories can be downloaded from any browser. The only exception is the IPhone. You can’t download videos using Google Chrome on it. Instead, you should use any other browser like Safari or Microsoft Edge. You don’t have to be a user's subscriber to save a Story from their page. But their profile must be public.

How to use online Stories downloader

In the Instagram app and on the website, you need to log in to view a Story. The user will see you on the list of users who viewed the photo or video. On our website, you can view a Story anonymously. You don’t need to log in. Just put a link to a Story in the search box above. Or you can use a username to find the profile where it is posted. The user won’t get any notification that you viewed their Story or downloaded it. When you download or view a Story, it is also not displayed on a Story’s list of viewers.

How do you download or view a Story

To save a Story, you need to put its link or shortcode in the search box at the top of the page. You can copy it in the app. If you want to save or view a Story anonymously, type a username or profile link. You will see all the content on the page in an Instagram-like interface. Tap a profile photo to open a Story. If you want to save a photo, tap and hold it. In the opened window you choose a download option. If it’s a video Story, you see a download button on it. Tap the button to download the Story.

If you have difficulties with the downloading

  • Refresh the page and try again.
  • Make sure you use a correct link. One wrong symbol won’t let you get to the right page..
  • Make sure the profile, from which you are downloading, is public. Even if you want to download Instagram Story from your profile, it should be public.


You may have questions when downloading Instagram Stories. Below you can find the answers.
Can users know that I download their Stories?
No, users won’t know that you download their Instagram Stories. Saving photos and videos, as well as viewing them, is anonymous on this website.
How to download an Instagram Stories video?
First, find the Instagram Stories video that you want to download. Enter its shortcode or link in the search bar. Or enter a username, shortcode, or link of the profile where it is posted, and find the video on the page that opens.

When you find the video in the Instagram Stories downloader, tap the Download button. The video will be saved to your device.
How to save photos in the Instagram Stories downloader?
Paste the link or shortcode of the Instagram Story you want to download. Or use the username, shortcode or link of the profile where the photo is posted, and then select the photo on the page that opens.

Tap and hold the photo until a menu appears. Select Download. The Instagram Story photo will be downloaded to your device.