Save from Instagram profiles

Download posts, Stories, Reels using a familiar interface like on Instagram. Users won’t know you watch or save their content.

Download photos and videos from Instagram profiles online

Download an Instagram profile’s photos and videos of any type — posts, Stories, Reels, Highlights, profile photos using this service. All of them will be saved in original quality to your phone or computer.

Enter a username in the search bar or paste a profile link, tap Find. You will see the user's page with all the content posted. Select a photo or video that you want to save. If it’s a video, tap Download. If it’s a photo, tap and hold it, then choose the download option in the menu that appears.

You will quickly find where to tap to download Instagram profile photos and videos. The interface of the IG profile downloader is similar to the Instagram app. You will find photos or videos in the same section or tab where you see them in the Instagram app.

View Instagram profiles anonymously

You can also view Instagram profiles anonymously using this service. Check on users’ updates without opening the IG app. You will not appear on the Story viewers list, and you will not accidentally like a post.

Here is how you can view an Instagram profile anonymously — enter the username or paste the profile link in the search bar, tap Search. You will see an interface similar to the IG app interface. So you can browse and view a users’ page just like in the app.


If you have difficulties with downloading content on this website, you can find a solution here.
When do you need the Insta downloader?
Whatever you want to save from Instagram, use our service. On the website you can download posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, both from your or other’s profiles. You can also use the service to view profiles anonymously, users won’t know that.
How to download pictures and videos from IG or view them anonymously?
Enter a link to a photo, video, their shortcodes, and you will see them. Use a username or a profile link, and you will get to a page with all content published in the profile. On both pages, you can save content. Every video has a Download button. Tap it to save a video to your phone or computer. If it’s a photo, you need to tap it and hold until a menu appears. Then you choose to download. In a carousel, you need to save pictures one by one. If you are downloading from a computer, both photos and videos have a button for saving them, you just need to click it.
Can I download images and videos from private profiles?
You can save from Instagram public accounts only. You can’t get content from a private one even if you are subscribed to it and have access to the photos and videos.
Are users notified when I save their content?
Users don’t get any notifications that you are downloading or watching their pictures and videos. It is not displayed anywhere.
What device should I use to save from Instagram — a phone, PC, or Mac?
You can save an IG profile content using any smartphone or computer.
In what browser does the downloader work?
You can use any browser if you download from a PC, Mac, or a smartphone on Android. Use Safari or Microsoft Edge browsers if you need to download a video on IPhone, photos are to be saved from any browser.
Can I download from other users’ profiles?
Yes, you can download from any public Instagram profile.
I can’t download anything. What should I do?
If there is an error while downloading, reload the page and try again. If you can’t find a profile, photo, video, make sure you use a correct link, username, or shortcode. Also, you are probably downloading from a private profile, so ensure it’s public.