Download Instagram posts online

Use our online service to save photos or videos from IG profiles in high quality. You can also download Reels and IGTV previews posted to the feed.

When you need a post downloader

Users go to Instagram for inspiration and to check the latest updates. In IG posts you can find ideas for your business or personal blog, life hacks to use in real life.

Some life hacks you may want to save to your phone to have them at hand. You may also want to print an inspiring IG picture or set it as the phone wallpaper. But you can’t download Instagram posts in the app or on the website.

We made a usable service to save Insta posts. You can get both photos and videos from a profile. The downloader works on smartphones, PC and Mac, on any operating system. You can download from any profile if it is public.

There are no limits on the number of saved posts. You can download as many posts as you need from different accounts.

How to download a post

You can download Instagram posts using this service, it means you can download Reels and IGTV previews too.

  • Enter a post link.
  • Tap Download if you are saving a video. If it’s a photo, hold it until a menu appears, you need to choose a download option in it.

That’s it, you saved a post. Now you can add downloaded photos and videos to other social networks, send to friends or print for a holiday card.

Instead of a post link you can enter a username or a profile link. Then you see an interface similar to what you see on Instagram. There you can easily find photos and videos you need.

If you can’t download a post

If a post is not displayed or the downloading doesn’t start:

  • Refresh the page and try again.
  • Make sure you are using a correct link.
  • Check the IG profile, it must be public.

If you want to download a video from an IPhone, use Safari or Mozilla FireFox browsers.


If you have any questions when downloading posts from Instagram, you will find the answers to them here.
How to download photos and videos from an Instagram carousel post?
If you want to download all photos and videos from an Instagram carousel post, first find it on InstagramDownloads. Enter the post link and tap the Search button. You will see an interface similar to the IG app.

Download each Instagram post photo and video individually. If the carousel slide is a video, tap the Download button. If the slide is a photo, tap and hold it until a menu appears, then select the download option. Swipe right to go to the next slide and save it.
What can I save using the Instagram post downloader?
You can download any Instagram post, it can be a photo, video, or carousel. You can save your and other users’ posts if the profiles are public.
Can I download or view an Instagram post anonymously?
Yes, everything you do while using this Instagram post downloader is anonymous. The user will not know that you save their IG posts. You can also view their posts anonymously, they will not know.