Download Instagram videos

Download Instagram videos to your PC, Mac or phone. Get any videos from IG — Stories, Reels, IGTV, or posts.

How to download videos from Instagram?

IG allows you to share your impression and inspiration with users. Social network features extend far beyond posting beautiful pictures. You can add videos to your profile. There are 4 types of them — video posts, Stories, Reels, IGTV.

But there is no feature to download Instagram videos in the app or on the website. You can record your screen or repost to save a video you like. But the most easy way to get an IG video is to use our online Insta downloader.

How does the downloader work?

All you need to download Instagram videos is to put a link in the search box on this page. It may be a link to a particular IG video, or its shortcode. You may also put a profile link or username of a person posted the video.

If you use a link to a video, you get to its page. If you use a link to a profile or username, you see an Instagram-like interface with all profile content.

Every video has a download button. Tap it to save video.

Online Insta saver works on any device. You can download Instagram videos from a smartphone. Its operating system doesn’t matter. You can also get IG videos to your computer. Mac, Windows, Linux — our online downloader works on all of them.

Download videos in any browser you are used to. The only limit is for IPhone. You can’t save video on it using Google Chrome. Use any other browser, for example, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

What can I download from Instagram?

You can download Instagram videos of any type on the service website. Save video posts, Stories, Reels, or IGTV you like.

Bear in mind, you can download a video only if the profile where it is posted is public. If you want to get a video from your profile, it also should be public.

Where do I get the link?

To save a video, you can use:

  • Username.
  • Profile link.
  • Video link.
  • Shortcode.

Copy a link or username and paste them in the search box at the top of this page.


You can copy a username on its profile page or video page.

Profile link

Open a user’s account in a browser to copy its profile link.

Video link

You can find a video link in the address bar in a browser. Or open an IG video in the app, then tap the three dots menu and choose Copy Link.


Shortcode is a unique part of a link. You can copy it from a browser. Enter a shortcode of a post, Stories, Reel, IGTV in the search box above on this page to download the content. A shortcode of a profile is its username, you see all content in the account if you enter it.

If something went wrong

If you can’t find a profile, video, or downloading doesn’t start, the reason may be that:

  • You use an incorrect link, username, or shortcode.
  • You are trying to get video from a private profile.

If you are sure you typed the right link or username, and that the profile is public, refresh the page and try to download Instagram video again.


Here we give answers to frequently asked questions on how to download Instagram videos online.
How to download videos from Instagram in high quality?
Paste the link or shortcode of the Instagram video you want to download into the search bar and tap Search. You will see the video and the Download button. Tap the button. The Instagram video will be downloaded in the best possible quality to your computer or phone. The quality will be the same as you see it on Instagram.
How to download an Instagram video for free?
This Instagram video downloader allows you to save videos for free. Just paste a video link and tap the Download button that appears.
How to download Instagram videos on iPhone?
You can download Instagram videos to your iPhone in any browser except Google Chrome. Use Safari or Microsoft Edge, or any other browser you feel comfortable with.

Whatever browser you use, you can download Instagram videos to your iPhone following the same steps. Paste the video link or its shortcode into the search bar and tap Search. You will see the video and the Download button, tap this button. The video will be downloaded to the camera roll.